When VAT registration in Spain is needed?


VAT Registration Spain requested? Even when you rent houses on Mallorca, a VAT Registration Spain has advantages. Tax settlement and VAT Registration Spain were the things I have been taking care off from the day I started my rental company for holidays in Mallorca. There were some reasons, it makes all easier, cheaper and faster when you have a VAT Registration Spain for renting houses on Mallorca and about 40% of the year I spend at Mallorca and don´t have to think about taxes and booking in my own country. I have my own house, a typical old finca, close to the beach of Es Trenc. One of the nicest places and not too touristic. It´s about 30 minutes’ drive from the airport and in the closest city I have all the shops you need. And of course some nice restaurants too. My rental houses are spread all over Mallorca. Of course mainly at the places were tourist mainly want to stay, but some are really in the middle of nowhere, were the nature is very pure. I have about 20 rental homes in and closes around Palma de Mallorca, the capital and a beautiful city, it´s called little Barcelona too. The cathedral is something you will never forget and the harbor is great. People who like fish, should go to the fish harbor were you really can eat the catches of the day, fresher is impossible. The beach is almost in the city, so you also can enjoy the sun, beach and sea. The biggest house I rent there has 5 sleeping rooms, including their own bathrooms. The pool is 25 meter long and 6 meter width, you really can swim here. On the terrace you find a bar, including a beer tap and a bbq corner. The Liebherr wine fridge completes everything you need to enjoy and to party. It´s by far the most expensive rental house I have in my collection, nevertheless it´s always booked and the waiting list is already almost 2 years. And it´s close to the best restaurant, Toque, 15 minutes’ walk or 5 minutes’ drive. In Portals Nous, were you fined the most exclusive harbor of the island, I have 2 rental houses, the do fine, mostly to people who have a huge yacht in the harbor, they rent one of these houses for friends passing by. When you are looking for a more romantic scene, you can rent one of my 4 houses in Santa Ponsa, a great little city with a beautiful bay surrounded by hills and trees and only 15 minutes from the airport. The most beautiful harbor and the most expensive place for real estate is (Port) Andratx. The surrounding is great, the farmers were and still are rich and the rich and famous like to be seen here. As I wrote my most expensive house, but 5 sleeping rooms, is in Palma, the second one you will find in Port Andratx, only 3 sleeping rooms connected to their own bathrooms, a 15 x 5 meter pool, and nice terrace without a bar. You can see that it´s here more expensive as anywhere else in Mallorca. I rent a beautiful finca close to Sineu, the village on top a hill, with lots of small streets. I like the Wednesday market, which fills up all these little streets. It´s still quit traditional, but every time more tourists are visiting it. Luckily there are no parking places enough, so it will still stay ok. The finca is more than 300 years old, but fully renovated and completely modern equipped. People renting this finca are most of the time people who like to enjoy the nature and pure Mallorca, not the El Aranal – Ballermann- types. I don´t rent in that area houses, for the simple reason that the tourists there are most of the day dinking and  want spend their money for renting a more expensive house. Beside that it will be ruined after renting it three times. In the north of Mallorca I have two rental houses in Pollença and Port Pollença, very authentic and very charming, Port Pollença is still a typical fish harbor, the fish restaurants around the harbor a great and very affordable. The religious renters can climb to the 365 steps to the church in Pollença daily. The aria around Pollença is very quit and beautiful. Renting there is fun, also for me, while I earn money for it! People with children love to rent houses with me in Cala Millor. The beach there is 3 kilometer long and descends very slowly into the sea, so great when you have younger children. I have 4 houses for rent in Cala Millor, most of them already booked a year in advance, Cala Millor, connected to Cala Bona is very popular. The east of Mallorca were Cala Millor is located is known for its beautiful bays (Cala´s) an other popular city were you can rent a house with me is Porto Christo, known about the wonderful harbor and the caves. The Coves del Drac cave has the biggest lake under the earth of the world. Maybe I forgot to tell, my rental office is close to the harbor of Palma de Mallorca and in Cala Millor I have a little booking office. Most of the reservations go over my website, also registered in Spain as well as the VAT Registration Spain, both with registered address in Palma de Mallorca. Not far away from Porto Christo I have a white house for rent in Cala d´Or, were all houses are white the little city is connected to 5 bays with the clearest water of Mallorca. In the most beautiful city of Mallorca, in the west, I have two houses for rent in Valldemossa. Chopin lived two years with the monk’s in this city.  Walking through the small streets, you get the feeling that you are living 500 years ago. Another famous and also beautiful city in the west is Soller, it´s and was rich, something you can find back when you look at the old villas. One is for rent over my agency which has a VAT Registration Spain.


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