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My Liebherr WTb 4212 makes me very happy as a lover of wine. In my previous House I had a great wine cellar and I thought that a wine cooler had no use. I had honestly never in deepened there and when I wanted to drink a wine or visit which I knewthe wine taste, the wine in the fridge in a timely manner. How cold the wine than exactly was I didn’t know, but also since I had never thought about it. I used the equalprinciple in red wine and took out the red wine from the wine cellar for that than at room temperature. In this case it was also truly room temperature room temperature, I put the bottles just in the room down. In the winter I was red wine about 22 degrees (according to the setup of the thermostat of the heating. In the summer this was entirely dependent on the outside temperature. On hot days warmer red wine than on cooler days. After I decided the House with wine cellar SWAp to a beautiful penthouse in the center of the city, I realized that I had a wine problem. Before the move, I started to orient me how I could resolve this the best and I came across a Liebherr WTb 4212 wine cooler at Cave promoter. When I had read all the details, I thought, that I actually had always been a wine problem. In my wine cellar the wines werein the right place, the temperature was pretty constant (12 garden), it was dark andall bottles layers quiet. However my serve preparation was very rickety. The white and rosé wines, and of course also prosecco ´ s and champagnes were chilled on feeling and depending on the refrigerator temperature. The same, but then conversely, gold for the red wines. Life had much easier when I had come earlier in the LiebherrWTb 4212. Because of the good extra service (Alertservice free home delivery, hygrometer and Filter (timely mention Cave promoter that your active carbon filter needs to be replaced) and the best rates guaranteed, I decided this wine cooler to order and delivered, including connecting, in my new penthouse. The slanted procedure ran flawlessly and everything is 100% committed, was fulfilled. Here speaks clearly a satisfied customer. On the day of the move, I have everything by a specialized moving company let, however my wines I own moves. I found the risk too big and I had already drawn up a plan how I wanted to go the 6 temperature zones. The day before the move I had the set temperatures, the only thing I still had to get the bottles gently from the wine cellar and they in the correct zone. I looked like a little kid, so niceI found this. I had decided the facility to perform pretty much the same as on the site of Cave promoter. The only deviation was that I had reserved for a temperature zone more white wines and champagnes and the prosecco ´ s in the lower temperature zone had joined together. After to have driven back and forth three times, all thewines in my new home and I could start the take of the Liebherr WTb 4212. Each bottle was carefully by me in the hand and views before I accepted it in the destinationzone. I was surprised about the beautiful wines I had, the move had the advantage that I had to take all the bottles once in my hand. Thereby I found out what I had in the wine cellar. When I was done with the filling of the Liebherr WTb 4212, I was really satisfied and happy. Purchasing had really paid off.

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