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Ronaldo gives fitness advice –

The sheer dedication and hard-working, professional attitude Cristiano Ronaldo brings to his work has earned him the admiration of some of the most coaches and fitness trainers in football. One of them, Giovanni Mauri, told Corriere dello Sport about his two-year partnership with Cristiano at Real Madrid. Mauri saw Cristiano go about his life during Ancelotti’s tenure at Real Madrid; the 61-year-old Italian has worked for some of Europe’s top clubs, including Parma, AC Milan, Chelsea, Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich.


Strong physical strength

“Of the seven Ballon d’Or winners I’ve worked with, or eight if you include Maldini, Cristiano is the strongest. His acceleration is unbelievable – he can Run 0 to 34 km up at 34 km/h. “Seconds,” Mauri explained.


Know your body


“Cristiano is champion material, both physically and mentally. He’s alert to all the signals his body sends: he understands what his body is telling him – he’s an athlete who knows himself completely. Like his trainer. I remember he used to say to me, “Boss, too much cold water kills the plants…” It’s not good for his health. Knowing yourself like this is a great trait of a footballer. Maldini Also like this.”


Commitment, Competitiveness and Humor

“Cristiano is a phenomenon, an athlete at the highest level. One of the reasons he has performed so well on the training ground is that his work ethic is based on three basic elements: dedication, competitiveness and a good sense of humour. In order to Improve the game, it’s a good idea to bring young players to watch him at work – he does everything with a smile on his face, never indifferent – you see it sometimes with lower-level players, at 2am after a Champions League game Point, not just getting in the car and driving home, but staying on the training ground for post-race treatments and cold water therapy (cryotherapy), a very healthy lifestyle, and he’s totally committed to helping himself after every game restore the body”.

 Sergej Dergatsjev

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Ronaldo gives fitness advice

Ronaldo gives fitness advice