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Mezzanine floors: The perfect way to optimize your storage space

The problem of lack of space in a massive building may sound unreal, but many warehouse owners experience this. Typically, warehouses are big buildings with one floor and high ceilings. This can be quite impractical, as the people with these warehouses only have the single floor to work with, the ground floor. This makes it a lot easier to run into the problem of a space shortage. Some warehouse owners may use large shelvings as a way to try and solve this problem, but then they run into other issues such as trouble accessing everything efficiently and safely. That is why we propose a different solution to optimize storage space, and that is mezzanine floors. At noltemezzanine.com, you can not only get yourself these floors but they are also custom-made. Drop your worries about having no room and double the space of your warehouse with a mezzanine floor!

What are they?

If you aren’t familiar with what a mezzanine floor is allow us to explain. A mezzanine floor is a floor that is constructed using self-supporting steel. They can be installed in any space that has high ceilings, without using any pillars or beams. There are no drastic renovations necessary or long waiting times for the mezzanine floor to be installed.

How you can use mezzanine floors

The extra space that the mezzanine floors provide may be a bit overwhelming, you may be thinking to yourself why you’d need an entire floor of space. Well if you are having storage space issues, the mezzanine floor is perfect for storing any merchandise that doesn’t fit anywhere else. But if you aren’t having major storage space issues, the floor can be used to make office spaces on it. 

If you experience problems with a lack of space at one moment but then at another moment that problem sorts itself out, you can take down the mezzanine floors and store it for another rainy day. This is perfect if your business has seasons where you will need the extra space and other seasons where the space really isn’t needed.

An adaptable experience

Mezzanine floors from Nolte are very adaptable and are appropriate for practically any space. You can surely anticipate that your mezzanine floor will meet your expectations, your needs, and what your warehouse requires.