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Learn Dutch and talk to locals with Katakura WBLC

Learn the Dutch language at one of the locations of Katakura WBLC. Our professional teacher will welcome you with open arms and are honoured to help you. Katakura is the best value Dutch course provider in Amsterdam, the heart of The Netherlands. Here in the capital of our beautiful country we teach to expats and foreigners alike. Since you are right in the center of Dutch culture it will be easy to pursue a high level of competence in the Dutch language at Katakura WBLC. Our Dutch classes are all about immersion while you learn. The more you can immerse yourself in a foreign language, the easier it is to learn and absorb all the subtleties which make you stand out from the rest and eventually let you blend in with the natives. For high-quality Dutch courses in the lovely Amsterdam, apply to one of our available courses and dive right into Dutch. The teachers at Katakura WBLCare highly-experienced and have learned many people the Dutch language.


Dutch at Katakura WBLC


The classes are offered at two venues. You can choose how long you want to course to be. It can last a week till up to 12 weeks. This depends on how intensive you want the lessons to be. Those looking to learn Dutch in the Netherlands will find no shortage of Dutch language courses, from beginner to advanced classes, from cultural to conversational Dutch lessons as well as intensive, private, in-company, Skype, email and online Dutch courses.

Many expats living in the Netherlands find it essential to take at least some Dutch languagecourses to integrate successfully, even though many Dutch nationals speak English. Knowledge of Dutch is also key to passing the civic integration course, which many foreigners have to take, and Dutch language classes can vastly improve your prospects for getting a job in the Netherlands. We at Katakura WBLC can help you improve your skills in Dutch.


Learning Dutch together with Katakura WBLC


Learn the Dutch language together with Katakura WBLC.



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