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Internet Speed Test: How to Run It

Do you know it is possible to run an internet speed test on your phone? Yes, it is possible, and by doing it you can know the speed your internet connection works.

The internet speed of one device varies from that of another. Several reasons have been provided for these differences and the best way to identify what your device reasons are is to run a fast internet speed test.

If you are a newbie to this, then you have to carefully follow through on the steps that will be discussed in this article.

1.      Check your internet connection

The first step to running an internet speed test on your device is to check your internet connection. You will need to be connected to a stable network to follow through on this process. Considering that it might take while, you have to ensure that there won’t be any glitch with the network in the process. So, where you are operating with an internet connection that is unstable, you may have to consider switching to a better internet connection.

2.      Download the test runner

After you must have ensured that your internet connection is stable, you will need to download a network test runner. Several software exists on the web that can be used for this purpose. To be sure you are working with the best software, you need to do some background check on it. Read through the specifications of the software to be sure it is one that is compatible with your device. Then, you can also read reviews from other users who have used the software to know what they are saying about its effectiveness or otherwise.

3.      Disconnect every other device from the network

Running an internet speed test will not be possible or effective if there are many devices connected to the network. The best way to go about it is to disconnect every other device that is connected to the network. This way, you have only one device connected to the network per time. If you want to run a network speed test for more than one device, then you can do it one after the other to get a more defined result.

4.      Ensure your browser is updated

Though you will need software to effectively run the test, a bulk of what you will be doing will require your website. For a faster test and an effective outcome, you have to update your browser before starting the test. Working with an updated browser makes the process faster and saves you data and energy.

You don’t need to be a tech-savvy person to run an internet speed test on your device. All you need is the right knowledge and software to carry out the process as provided in this article. First, you have to ensure you are working with a stable connection. Then, you have to keep your browser updated, use software you can trust, and be patient through the process. You will also have to keep your device charged to prevent it from going off during the process.

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