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GC Biotech – CleanPCR

The CleanPCR kit is an efficient PCR1) and Next Gen library prep clean-up system based
on paramagnetic beads technology, providing an efficient purification of PCR amplicons. With its simple, three-step protocol, CleanPCR removes salts, primers, primer-dimers and dNTPs, while DNA fragments are selectively bound to the magnetic particles; highly purified DNA is eluted with low salt elution buffer or water and can be used
directly for downstream applications. The protocol can be adapted to your current liquid handling workstation (e.g. Beckman, Hamilton, Tecan, Caliper, Perkin Elmer, Agilent and Eppendorf) utilizing your current protocol as well as being used manually.

CleanNA principle

CleanNA offers paramagnetic bead based technology for the purification of both DNA and/or RNA. Our Carboxylated Beads combined with our propriety buffer system allows target nucleic acids to be efficiently bound onto the particles. By optimizing our binding buffer system we can selectively determine the size of the nucleic acid target to be bound to the beads. As a result all our kits protocols are fully scalable and due to the usage of our magnetic bead purification technology, can besides manual usage, easily be automated on liquid handling workstations (e.g. Beckman, Hamilton, Tecan, Caliper, Perkin Elmer, Agilent, Xiril, etc.). Once the target nucleic acid has been selectively bound to the beads, using one or multiple wash steps depending on the starting material, con- taminants are efficiently removed. The purified target nucleic acid is easily and highly efficient eluted back of the beads through addition of an aqueous elution buffer.


Due to its simple 3-step protocol, our kits can easily be adapted on liquid handling workstations, manufacturer independent. Our easy to understand Graphical User Interface (GUI), will guide users though the process of setting up, starting and finishing a CleanNA method on their liquid handling workstation of choice. Please ask your local sales representative for more information about protocol script compability and availability for the liquid handler of your choice.

Want to learn more about the CleanPCR? Visit the website and submit your contact info. You can learn more about the features and benefits that come with the CleanPCR.

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